Wednesday, March 1, 2017

ইংরেজি দ্বিতীয় পত্র-এইচএসসি পরীক্ষার প্রস্তুতি 0২

এইচএসসি পরীক্ষার প্রস্তুতি 0
ইংরেজি দ্বিতীয় পত্র
Use articles where necessary. Some of the blanks may not require an article. Put a cross (x) where an article is not needed.
We were returning home. On (a) — way we met (b) — little girl. She was selling (c) — flowers on (d) — street. She requested us to buy (e) — flower. My mother is (f) — kind hearted woman. (g) — motherly affection rose at (h) — sight of her. She gave her (i) — ten taka note and bought some flowers. We should be kind to (j) — helpless.
(a)  — Morning walk is a good habit for all classes of people. It is (b) — simple exercise and good for health and (c) — mentality. In the morning, (d) — air is fresh and free from any kind of noise and pollution. This pure (e) — environment makes an effect on (f) — walkers’ health and mind, when (g) — man enjoys (h) — beauties and solemnity of (i) — nature in (j) — morning.
Though newspaper is not always (a) — unmixed blessing, it is (b) — most useful thing in our life. We rarely think of (c) — day without reading (d) — newspaper. Reading newspaper is one of (e) — good habits of a man. We shall be like (f) — frog in a dark well if we neglect developing this habit. However, some people prefer (g) — electronic media to reading (h) — newspaper. But (i) — newspaper offers more to its readers than (j) — electronic media.
It is (a) — known fact that English is (b) — international language. (c) — language used by international community is important. Statistics show that 350 million people speak English as (d) — first language and another 300 million use it as (e) — second language. It is (f) — official language in more than 60 countries of the world. Once it was also (g) — official language of our country. Most of (h) — books of science are written in English. So (i) — importance of learning English beggars description. It is (j) — must.
James Norman Hall was (a) — American writer. He wrote (b) — story about (c) — wonderful piece of business that took place between him and a farmer. While in (d) — Tahiti, he was short of (e) — money and rented (f) — one room house about 22 kilometres from (g) — town. He was doing (h) — interesting writing there. To save money he wanted to make (i) — vegetable garden in front of his house. But (j) — land was full of ants and land crabs. They foiled all his attempts.
Cellular radio telephone, also called cellular telephone or cell phone provides voice telephone and other services to (a) — mobile users. Cellular telephones primarily operate like portable or cordless telephones. However, unlike conventional wire-based cordless phones, cell phones are completely portable and do not require (b) — jack to access (c) — wire-based networks operated by local telephone companies. (d) — new generation of services for cell phones include video conferencing and (e) — internet access with (f) — ability to send e-mail. Cellular telephones have become very popular with (g) — professionals and (h) — consumers as (i) — way to communicate easily. It has been (j) — alternative to conventional wire-based services.
সহকারী অধ্যাপক, ঢাকা স্টেট কলেজ, ঢাকা
Ans-8 : (a) the (b) a (c) x (d) the (e) a (f) a (g) The (h) the (i) a (j) the
Ans-9 : (a) x (b) a (c) x (d) the (e) x (f) the (g) a (h) the (i) x (j) the
Ans-10 : (a) an (b) the (c) a (d) a (e) the (f) a (g) x (h) x (i) a/the (j) the
Ans-11 : (a) a (b) an (c) The/A (d) a (e) a (f) the (g) the (h) the (i) the (j) a
Ans-12 : (a) an (b) a (c) a (d) x (e) x (f) a (g) the (h) an (i) a (j) the
Ans-13 : (a) the/x (b) a (c) the/x (d) The (e) x (f) the (g) the (h) the (i) a (j) an

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