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HSC English 1st Paper Question 04-5-6 Set-28

ইংরেজি ১ম পত্র-এইচএসসি পরীক্ষার বিশেষ প্রস্তুতি-

   নম্বর প্রশ্ন -সেট-,

প্রিয় শিক্ষার্থী, আজ ইংরেজি ১ম পত্রের Part-1 (নতুন সিলেবাস)-এর , নম্বর প্রশ্ন নিয়ে আলোচনা করব
4. Fill in the blanks with suitable words from the box. There are more words than needed. Make any grammatical changes if necessary. 5
exceptional economic popular common
passenger useful outstanding up
colourful influence illustrated have
The development of railway in the 19th century has (a) @ a profound (b) @ on social and (c) @ development in many parts of the world. This process in (d) @ in an (e) @ fashion by

the Darjeeling Himalayan Railway. It is the first and still the most (f) @ model of a (g) @ train that goes (h) @ a mountain. It is (i) @ known as toy train perhaps because of its (j) @ wagons and its slow speed.
5. Fill in the blanks with appropriate word in each gap: 10
Modern life (a) @ much on transport. We can very well (b) @ how important transport is when it is (c) @ by natural calamities or during socio-political crises. In fact, transport has made it (d) @ for us to reach places previously (e) @. It has (f) @ helped the flourish of trade and commerce and to (g) @ new knowledge and ideas. (h) @ transport has (i) @ friendship and understanding among nations and people (j) @ the globe.
6. Rearrange the following sentences to make a coherent order: 10 
(i) As he came near, the man said that he wanted some financial help. 
(ii) Suddenly he saw someone calling him from below. 
(iii) At this Hojja became furious and decided to teach him a good lesson. 
(iv) One day Nasiruddin Hojja was mending a hole on the roof of his house. 
(v) The man was asking him to get down and listen to him. 
(vi) When they both got to the roof top, Hojja said to the man, ‘Sorry, I have no money’. 
(vii) He thought that the man had something important to say. 
(viii) Therefore, he told the man to climb up the stairs with him.
(ix) So he climbed from the roof down the stairs. 
(x) Hojja was quite curious.
Ans. to the Ques. No. Set-12
4. (a) had (b) influence (c) economic (d) illustrated (e) exceptional (f) outstanding (g) passenger (h) up (i) popularity (j) colourful.
5. (a) depends (b) realize/understand (c) destroyed (d) possible
(e) impossible (f) profusely (g) gather (h) Moreover (i) developed 
(j) across.
6. Ans.
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10
iv ii v x vii ix i iii viii vi
সহকারী অধ্যাপক, ঢাকা স্টেট কলেজ, ঢাকা

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