Tuesday, March 21, 2017

PSC English p31

পাঠ্যবইবহির্ভূত টেক্সট
প্রিয় শিক্ষার্থী, আজ দেওয়া হলো ইংরেজি বিষয়ের পাঠ্যবইবহির্ভূত একটি টেক্সট ও সংশ্লিষ্ট প্রশ্নোত্তরের নমুনা।

Read the text and answer the following questions 5, 6, 7, 8 and 9.
One night Mohsin was sleeping. At midnight he heard a sound. He woke up. He saw a man in his room. He was looking for something. Mohsin caught the man. He asked him, ‘Who are you? Why have you entered my room? What were you looking for?’
The man was very afraid. He said, ‘I’m a thief. I was looking for money.’
‘Why don’t you earn money? Why have you become a thief?’ Mohsin asked angrily.
The man replied, ‘I’m without any work. I don’t have money to buy food. So I’ve become a thief.’
Mohsin said, ‘You should be ashamed! Don’t you know the punishment for theft?’
The thief said, ‘I’ve never stolen in my life. Yesterday my small children didn’t have anything to eat. They cried for food. I begged for money. Nobody gave me any money. So I came to steal.’
Mohsin felt pity for the thief. He let him go. He gave him some money and said, ‘Here’s
some money for you. Buy food for your children. Find some work. Earn money. Never steal.’
The thief was very grateful. He thanked Mohsin and left with money. He became an honest man. He worked hard and earned money.

5. Write only the answer on the answer paper.
a) What was Mohsin doing one night?
i) working ii) laughing
iii) praying iv) sleeping
b) He saw a — in his room.
i) doll ii) cat iii) man iv) ghost
c) What was the man doing?
i) sleeping ii) crying for his children
iii) searching for something
iv) scolding Mohsin bitterly
d) The man was very —.
i) afraid ii) happy iii) sad iv) rich
e) ‘Why don’t you earn money?’ Who asked it?
i) a ghost ii) a theft
iii) Mohsin iv) an old man
f) I don’t have money to buy —.
i) fuel ii) food iii) clothes iv) medicines
g) Mohsin said, ‘You should be —!’
i) ashamed ii) punished
iii) kind iv) pleased
h) The theft said, ‘— gave me any money.’
i) somebody ii) people
iii) nobody iv) an honest man
i) The thief was very —.
i) ungrateful ii) cruel
iii) grateful iv) nervous
j) He became an — man.
i) honest ii) rich iii) unhappy iv) illiterate.
Answer to the question no. 5.
a. iv) sleeping
b. iii) man
c. iii) searching for something
d. i) afraid
e. iii) Mohsin
f. ii) food
g. i) ashamed
h. iii) nobody
i. iii) grateful
j. i) honest

শিক্ষক, বীরশ্রেষ্ঠ মুন্সী আব্দুর রউফ পাবলিক কলেজ, ঢাকা

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