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PSC English p5

Textbook based 
প্রাথমিক শিক্ষা সমাপনীর প্রিয় পরীক্ষার্থী, ইংরেজি বিষয়ের ১, , ৩ ও ৪ নম্বর প্রশ্ন থাকবে তোমার পাঠ্যবইয়ের অনুচ্ছেদ থেকে। আজ তোমাদের অনুশীলনের জন্য দেওয়া হলো একটি নমুনা অনুচ্ছেদ ও প্রশ্নোত্তর।

Read the text carefully and answer the questions 1, 2, 3 and 4:
Saikat lives with his parents in an apartment in Bogra. His father, Mr. Islam, is a banker. In his free time, Mr. Islam writes stories. He loves listening to music of old times too. Saikat’s mother, Maleka Begum is a housewife. She loves sewing in her free time. She makes dresses. She often gets orders from her friends and neighbours. Saikat reads in class five. He is a good student. He wants to improve his English. So he watches cartoons on TV and reads
English story books everyday.
1. Write only the answer on the answer paper.
i. Where does Saikat live in?
a. Dhaka b. Rajshahi c. Bogra d. Feni
ii. Who is Mr. Islam?
a. Saikat's father b. Saikat's teacher c. Saikat's friend d. Saikat's brother
iii. Saikat's mother is- 
a. a nurse b. an artist c. an actress d. a housewife
iv. Saikat's father loves to listen to-
a. story b. poetry c. music d. sermon
v. Who can make dresses? 
a. Mr. Islam b. Saikat c. Saikat's sister d. Maleka Begum
vi. Saikat reads in - 
a. class five b. class four c. class three d. class two 
vii. Saikat reads English story books because-
a. he wants to go abroad b. he wants to improve his English
c. he wants to talk with foreigners d. he wants to be an English teacher 
viii. What does Saikat watch on TV? 
a. Cartoons b. Drama c. Sports d. Movie
ix. Where does a banker work? 
a. In a school b. In a bank c. In a hospital d. In a field
x. Bogra is-
a. a village b. a city c. a district town d. a divisional town
Answer to the question no. 1
i. c. Bogra; ii. a. Saikat's father; iii. d. a housewife; 
iv. c. music; v. d. Maleka Begum; vi. a. class five; 
vii. b. he wants to improve his English; viii. a. Cartoons; 
ix. b. In a bank; x. c. a district town. 
2. Match the words in Column A with their meanings in Column B. Two extra meanings are given in Column B.
Column A Column B 
a. Parents i. official works and duties
b. Apartment ii. a person who lives nearby
c. Banker iii. service holder 
d. Housewife iv. father and mother 
e. Neighbour v. any floor of a building 
vi. a person who works in a bank 
vii. a woman who does household activities
Answer to the question no. 2
a. Parents — iv. father and mother. b. Apartment — v. any floor of a building. c. Banker — vi. a person who works in a bank. d. Housewife — vii. a woman who does household activities. e. Neighbour — ii. a person who lives nearby.
3. Answer the following questions.
a. Whom does Saikat live with?
b. What does Mr. Islam write in his free time? 
c. What does Saikat do to improve his Engliah?
d. What is the name of his father?
e. What is Mr. Islam? f. What does Mr. Islam write?
g. What type of music does he like to listen to?
h. What is the name of Saikat’s mother?
i. What is his mother? j. What class does Saikat read in?
k. What does he want?
l. Why does he watch cartoons and read English story books?

Answer to the question no. 3
a. Saikat lives with his parents. b. Mr. Islam writes stories in his free time. 
c. He watches cartoons on TV and reads English story books everyday to improve his English. d. The name of his father is Mr. Islam. 
e. Mr. Islam is a banker. f. Mr. Islam write stories. 
g. He loves to listen to music of old times. h. The name of Saikat’s mother is Maleka Begum. i. His mother is a housewife. j. Saikat reads in class five. 
k. He wants to improve his English. 
l. He watches cartoons and reads English story books to improve his English.
4. Write a short composition on 'Your Family'. Write five sentences. Answer the following questions in your composition.
a. Where does your family live? b. Who do you live with? c. What are the names of your parents? d. What is your father? e. What is your mother? 
f. What class are you in? g. What is your feeling about your family?

Answer to the question no. 4
Family is the smallest unit of society. My family lives in Dhaka. I live with my family. There are seven members in my family. The name of my father is Mr. M I H Khan. The name of my mother is Mrs. Rehena Khan. My father is a teacher. My mother is a housewife. I am in class five. My elder sister is a university student. My grandparents live with us. They are very pious. My family is an ideal and happy family. 
শিক্ষক, বীরশ্রেষ্ঠ মুন্সী আব্দুর রউফ পাবলিক কলেজ, ঢাকা

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