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HSC English 1st Paper Question 04-5-6 Set-23

ইংরেজি ১ম পত্র-এইচএসসি পরীক্ষার বিশেষ প্রস্তুতি-২৩

    নম্বর প্রশ্ন -সেট-,

প্রিয় শিক্ষার্থী, আজ ইংরেজি ১ম পত্রের Part-1 (নতুন সিলেবাস)-এর , নম্বর প্রশ্ন নিয়ে আলোচনা করব
4. Fill in the blanks with suitable words from the box. There are more words than needed. Make any grammatical changes if necessary. 5
eat kind food increase other source
call come which use protein grow
The ocean has always been a good (a) ╛ of food for man. But only one percent of
mankind’s food (b) ╛ from the sea and most of it is fish. Besides fish, we eat prawns, shrimps, lobsters and whales, (c) ╛ are commonly (d) ╛ fish but are scientifically classified otherwise. There are about 20 thousand (e) ╛ of fish in the sea. We (f) ╛ only a few kinds. We should try to eat some (g) ╛ kinds too. In order to (h) ╛ the sea’s yield of fish, we can start fish farming in the sea. In China, sea weeds are now (i) ╛ for use both as food and as fertilizer. We too can take measures and make best (j) ╛ of our water resources.
5. Fill in the blanks with appropriate word in each gap. 10
Traffic jam is one of the major problems of our time. It is a very (a) ╛ affair in big cities and towns. Our population has (b) ╛ very fast over the last fifty years or so. The (c) ╛ of vehicles has also gone up. But our roads are not broad (d) ╛ to accommodate so many buses, trucks and cars. Slow moving vehicles (e) ╛ rickshaws and baby taxis have added complications to the problem. On top of that our drivers are not very willing to (f) ╛ traffic rules. They often (g) ╛ impatient and look to go (h) ╛ of one another (i) ╛ traffic signals. Sometimes they (j) ╛ recklessly and meet horrible road accidents.
6. Rearrange the following sentences to make a coherent order. 10
i) The blacks were subjected to all sorts of indignities.
ii) But the oppressive rulers could not break his spirit.
iii) Nelson Mandela was the greatest leader of South Africa.
iv) Eventually, the great leader realised the goal of liberation of his people.
v) All his life he struggled against apartheid.
vi) The blacks were treated cruelly.
vii) He was thrown behind the prison bars.
viii) The great leader vowed to put an end to the inhuman practice.
ix) They were denied all basic human needs.
x) Even dogs received a much better treatment than the blacks.
Ans. to the Ques. No. Set-7
4. (a) source (b) comes (c) which (d) called (e) kinds (f) eat (g) other (h) increase (i) grown (j) use
5. (a) common (b) increased (c) number (d) enough (e) like
(f) maintain (g) become (h) ahead (i) ignoring (j) drive
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10
iii v vi i ix x viii vii ii iv
সহকারী অধ্যাপক, ঢাকা স্টেট কলেজ, ঢাকা

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